Ruijie Networks – Wireless

Ruijie Networks is a leading network solution supplier of China. We focus on customer benefits and strive to improve the network application experience of our customers through continuous technological innovation. Ruijie Networks provides end-to-end network solutions for telecom carriers, financial services, government agencies, education and enterprises to create values for customer networks.

Indoor Access Points Series

RG-AP700 Wireless Access Point Series
RG-AP500 Wireless Access Point Series
RG-AP130 Wireless Access Point Series

Mobile LTE Wifi Router

RG-MTFi-M520 Mobile LTE WiFi Router

Outdoor Acess Point Series

RG-AP630 Outdoor Wireless Access Point Series

Wireless Controller Series

RG-WS6008 High-Performance Wireless Controller
RG-WS6816 High-performance Wireless Controller