Alston Systems is a high-end Communications, Networking, Power Solutions and Active products manufacturer. Alston Systems incorporates high level management and scientific work flow to achieve balanced development of scale, operational effectiveness and capacity-building. Alston Systems is an ICT, Security and Energy Savings Products Manufacturer. Our wide-ranging product portfolio includes Communications and Network Cables and Components, Power Solutions, LED lighting and Solar Energy Products.


Alston Systems UPS offers advanced technology that increase performance and reliability with completed digital control fully ensure high quality of power supply, high input power factor makes UPS green energy saving power.

Supreme Tower Type Online UPS
Alston Systems Xtreme RM UPS


Alston Systems Hybrid Series is a hybrid inverter which combines solar system, AC utility, and battery power source to supply continuous power. It is suitable for remote areas where the cost of utility is too high or for emergency usage when utility is not stable.

Green Energy

Alston Systems can provide Solar Panels & different kind of solar street light solutions. Lithium Ion and Gel battery designs are avail- able for optimum performance. Bridgelux / Cree LED chips are used for better ef ciency. Our system has a feature of intelligent working mode in which loading power of LED will adjust automatically according to the capacity of battery.